Trippin’ on raindrops

Wednesdays. Wednesdays are terribly mundane. They do not induce the feeling of inevitable dread that a Sunday night does and neither those fleeting moments of unadulterated joy that a Friday night does. Wednesdays are a reminder of the monotony of our lives – the brief period of the week where the depression of a Monday or the ecstasy of a Friday can’t distract us.

The Wednesday I write about is slightly different. A rare weather phenomenon took place in Chennai – it actually rained. As much a blessed relief rain seems to be at first, it stands out as the singular most irritating of weather elements. So when I attended the last 2 hours of college on this aforementioned Wednesday  – an annoying dose of discrete mathematics none the less – I could not help but curse the rain and the stupid stereotypes attached to it.

One has to honestly salute the efforts of humanity to make an occurance of weather marketable – from songs to movies, rain has attached itself to a major part of our lives.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-25 at 11.27.04

(Every type of rainy day? – 13 songs nonetheless)


(Thanks Gump!)

How is rain supposed to be a catalyst for romance? Walking in it for 1o minutes has done nothing but soil my clothes and hinder my vision by moistening my spectacles. My footwear was wet for the remainder of the day and the already amazing roads were rendered more disastrous for pedestrians.

There is a part of the stereotype that does sit well with me though. Rain can act as a severe depressant if one lets it. It only takes a certain lack of sunshine and a shroud of clouds to make anyplace appear like Hollywood’s portrayal of the Soviet Union during their hangover of the Cold War.


(Look straight through Arnold into the the grey minarets piercing the grey sky like grey daggers – did I mention the color grey!)

Thank God (and religion) for today’s holiday though – which has afforded me the luxury of enjoying the perpetually cool breeze that the rain has brought along with a much needed drop in the Mercury as well. I guess I never liked too much color anyway! I guess Bob Marley was right. Only few feel the rain, others just get wet.



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