Smashing barriers into bits

I have to be honest here, this more than brief hiatus of mine was as unwanted as it was inevitable. My track record of not carrying through my initiatives with the same ferociousness that I start them with combined with the distinct lack of ‘things to say’ have rendered me with almost nothing to write about. But then again, there is always something to say. It is just a matter of being coherent in expressing it. Let us just hope that this is where I regain coherency.


Anyway, with the advent of a new semester (We’re 5 weeks into the new one now and the 1st internal assessment has started as well – time certainly flies), I decided to make a few lifestyle tweaks per se. My roommate was of the same opinion as I; both of us felt that our lifestyle was too sedentary for our age and well-being. So we decided to wake up in the wee hours of the morning (and that’ll be anything between 6 and 6:30 AM) and play some vigorous badminton before having a scrumptious breakfast and heading out for college. I of course had to up the ante and I swam for a while after college with a friend apart from the morning badminton.


I thought it was brilliant. I somehow managed to wake up at this seemingly ungodly hour. I certainly feel more energetic; mainly due to psychological reasons and falling asleep at night has never been easier. I also seemed to be functioning properly on lesser hours of sleep.


(This would be an accurate description of me if I were as well dressed as this when I went to bed)

Coming back to the badminton, there is something I have witnessed at the courts that really astonished me. One of the courts is always occupied by a group of men, each of whom not a day younger than 40 from their looks. There are around 8 of them, and they make it to the courts everyday. Every morning from 6:30, a court almost completely belonged to them. And I don’t know whether to be ashamed or awed, but their zeal and virility puts most college students to shame.

One would not expect a bunch of middle aged men – some with a gut, some with grey hair and even some with both – to make it to the courts every morning and do amazing things on it. What amazes me further is their unadulterated emotion when playing – they will not hide the slight disgust they feel when their partner goofs up, they will not shy away from a smash or clearance, screaming ‘MINE’ as they generate tremendous power and they always end up having a light laugh or a slight guffaw at the end of a game.


(Well, saying that they need restraining like the fellow image is a bit of an exaggeration – but you get the gist right?)

The last I wish to be is to sound preachy – but these people are a group of working professionals, who probably actively run families and provide for them. Their time is precious and I’m sure age catches up as well. But that hasn’t stopped them from sparing an hour every morning for physical activity.

We always wait for inspiration and we seek it from places afar – but inspiration is everywhere. It is in the smallest of things. Smashing the barriers of age and time – it is one of the purest forms of inspiration that is. What’s holding us back then?

You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club” – Jack London





One thought on “Smashing barriers into bits

  1. The real gist of badminton was taught to me by an uncle of age 50, or more … He told me that agility for the game comes when the raqcuet becomes the part of the body.
    Unknowingly, I used to say that younger generation were more aware of the game, but certainly realizing it now,that I’m wrong, makes me feel much more respect for the higher generation.
    Awesome writing as always bro.

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