The mango analogy

Mangoes – Because few other fruits capture the attention of the average Indian as much as this glorious golden fellow does. In the torture of the tropical summer, only the “king of fruits” can bring respite. But really, isn’t coronation of the mango going a bit overboard, so to speak. Kings are more, for the lack of a better word, ever present. Really, the only reason we uplift the status of the mango so much is because it is not present at all times. It turns up only if the situation (read weather) renders it plausible. Mangoes are a fickle friend. They are weak. They do not have the gusto that a banana does, to make their way to our dinner table every bloody night; only to get ignored and rot away to glory the very next morning. Poor banana. It can never achieve victory over the mango. And only because mangoes are few and far between. So there we have it. It is the infrequency of the mango which allows truly appreciate it. Now I shall allow myself to draw a vastly crooked analogy (I see nobody disallowing me at present anyway). I am going to equate mangoes with one which, along with tide, waits for none – time. This analogy may seem very off putting but I need some leeway here to clarify – by ‘time’ I mean actual free time; a time when we are not bound by our commitments to our university (I am speaking from an engineering student point of view). We seldom find such time, perhaps 2 or 3 months every calendar year. And yet, most of us do not relish that time; like we relish our mangoes. And somehow, I have reached the conclusion that the act of binding myself to a blog is a good use of my free time (amidst other activities). I hope that I can use this small space in the vast cyber-universe to catch your eye and perhaps even change your mind in increments. Join me in this small venture of mine as I wish to stamp my presence on this site as the banana does on our dinner tables, and not perish like the sweet tropical ecstasy that is the mango.


9 thoughts on “The mango analogy

  1. Although everything about mangoes are true.. But being a banana fan.. I felt offended (actually being an Indian is more reasonable and appropriate to get easily offended) …banana is a perfect fruit.

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  2. Bro,step which you took writing blog is perfect utilisation of time coz u know how we srmites deal with our college nd exams ,seriously man what I am looking in you is the future writer ,EEE is not for u ,and your first attempt”Hats off” boy ,eager to see more 👍

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  3. You know how we srmites deal with university exams nd classes ,the thing you started writing blog is commendable,at least you know how to use Tim 😁,nd dis first 1 perfect 👍 waiting for more bitch 😘

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